Triple L Goat Milk Facial Cream

Triple L Goat Milk Facial Cream

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Add this super rich nourishing facial cream to your nightly routine.

Triple L Glamorous Facial Cream made with Triple L goat cream (We raise Nigerian Dwarf. Highest of all goat breeds yelps 6-10% milk fat), olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernal oil, mango butter, coco butter, distilled water, optiphen (mild preservative), vegetable emmulsifer, tamau oil, vitamin E, argon and frankincense essential oils.

Super rich, thick and airy in a 3.4 Oz recyclable single use airless pump.


♥️ The combination of our handmilked high fat goat cream, butters, oils make this a amazing combination to full of antioxidants and vitamins to smooth, hydrate and improve your skin health. Great for all skin types especially sensitive.

Recommended use: apply thin layer in circular motion on face. Contains a mild preservative so please keep out of heat and use within approximately 2 months.